Fixture Report

Mogador Wanderers v Oxted (18/04/2021)    

Mogador Wanderers Won by 49 runs.
Final Scores:  - Oxted 214 all out. MWCC - 263-7

non-Debut: Jack Bellars. Research shows that Jack Bellars played for the Mogs v Headley on 11th August 2013 (see match report). Format: 40 overs.
Peter Furner, 2 May 2021.

Mogador Wanderers started the season with terrific availability for the year and welcomed a Bellars squared (Jack and Luke) debut. Batting first, some excellent performances from the batters including Jack Bellars with 100 on debut [PF: 85 balls, but see note above] and James Tombs with 62 [PF: 52 balls] against his old club. Bit of chipping in here and there brought the Mogs to 263-7 off of 40 overs. A tremendous batting pitch and a fast outfield meant that this was only likely to be par or just above it.

Tupperware was plentiful and a first for the Mogs self-tea legacy: a Pot Noodle from a thermos! This would have made Sky News had the ESL and Mourinho's sacking, and a Line of Duty cliff-hanger not been favoured by the national press.

Bowling there were some terrific performances, though none better than from young Oli Burton, taking the new ball. The Oxted batting line up looked threatening through out and a special mention to the Oxted opening batsmen who walked for a caught behind down the leg side without an appeal. Tremendous sportsmanship and a great example for the game we love. The game ebbed and flowed with Tombs and Cooper chipping in with wickets in the middle order. A couple of partnerships threatened a close finish but Cooper - and Burton for his second spell - were able to wrap up the match with a couple of overs to spare. Cans to spare and love all round for a return to cricket in these most complex of times. Our warm thanks to Keith Briggs for umpiring and a young teenager for Oxted who was scoring so well, Peter Furner did not take his own score card out on to the field as the young lad "appeared to know what he was doing". There is hope for the next generation!

Great days and see you at Leigh

Jack Bellars 101
Peter Furner 20
James Tombs 62
Jonathan Burton 6
Luke Bellars 17
Rhod James 24 *
Will Cooper 2
Charlie Lee 4
Ollie Burton 1 *
Chris Mankelow
William Parker
Bowling O M R W
Chris Mankelow 8 0 24 0
Ollie Burton 8 0 55 3
Will Cooper 7.4 2 27 5
Rhod James 6 0 46 0
James Tombs 6 1 31 1
Charlie Lee 2 0 18 0
James Tombs 2
Rhod James 1
William Parker 1
Run Outs  
James Tombs 1